A popular way to make statements and slogans. Thanks to opportunities of tampographic printing desired statements and slogans can be printed on various uneven surfaces. This technique is perfect in cases when there is a need to place statements and slogans on oval and protuberant surfaces. Thanks to high-quality paint and technology, we use statements and slogans can be placed on articles made of plastic, glass, ceramics and metal.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a way of printing characterized by use of silk yarn nets for placement of paint on an article. This technique allows placement of a layer of paint not only on a paper or a cardboard of varied texture but also on plastic, metal, wood, various fabrics and many other materials. Screen printing inks are rich in colour, are glossy, resistant to external influences. They are suitable in cases when it is necessary to obtain a salience of different thicknesses. We can print both very accurate linear images and multi-coloured raster drawings.

Examples of typography and silkscreen